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Day 2: Navigate directly to a Lightning Application #TexeiAdventCalendar

 2 minutes de lecture


décembre 2, 2019


Each day we will reveal our “tip of the day” regarding the #Winter20 release.

What’s new ?

When you’re in App Launcher, you can now right click on an app, and open it in a new tab !

We love it !

Yes we love it, and why is that you’ll ask ? Well as an app builder and developer, I spend a lot of time in setup. Switching to an app from setup was painful, as I either had to manually open a new tab and set the url, or open app launcher, open an app, and then switch back to setup (as setup is opening in a new tab by default).

Plus with the new url pattern (something like /lightning/app/standard__LightningSales), you can easily share the exact app you want with a colleague, or open it from your Scratch Org creation script.

For non standard applications, you’ll have to use the related namespace instead of the standard prefix. So for your own custom applications, you’ll access the app with lightning/app/c__MyCustomApp if you don’t have a namespace, and lightning/app/theAppNameSpace__TheCustomApp if you have one (or for an AppExchange app). Be careful, the url is case sensitive!

Thanks Shane McLaughlin for the tip as this was not documented in the Release Notes.

Come back tomorrow, there are still 23 days to go until Christmas and read all articles in the #TexeiAdventCalendar tag!