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Day 25: Organize your Flows like Christmas garlands #TexeiAdventCalendar

 2 minutes de lecture


décembre 25, 2020


December. You just left a workshop. Users have made a crazy but crucial request. They absolutely want this feature.

Very well. You roll up your sleeves and prepare a flow that will solve all their problems.
Hours later it’s ready, it’s here, but it’s ugly! You hesitate. It’s already late and no one will go to see this flow since you’re the only admin!
But you don’t do things halfway, so you made the decision to fix this flow.

Thanks to the Winter’20 release it is easier to organize this.
Simply select several blocks together and arrange them. No need to make them one by one.

How to simply organize your flow?

Go to your flow:
Setup > Flows > Your flow
Click on the selection icon at the bottom right of the canvas.

Select your blocks
Arrange your flows.

It took you five minutes instead of the two hours you feared. You will be able to go home with a warm chocolate and your heart full of satisfaction.
Isn’t that what we call Christmas magic?

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