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Day 17: Analyze Your Lightning Page Performance

Every day until Christmas, we will share small Salesforce tips that we like. Today, in our #TexeiAdventCalendar I will talk about a new feature coming in the Winter ’21 …
décembre 2020

Lightning Migration for Admins : the opportunity to clean and improve your Org to meet flexibility…

We all read many articles about the benefits of migrating to lightning: new awesome features exclusively in Lightning, a great user experience, enhanced user productivity, customization and personalization possibilities …
novembre 2018

Lightning Components & AuraEnabled method parameters: What’s working and what’s not

Passing values from client-side to server-side is an important part of Lightning Component Development, and is pretty easy once you understood the way to write it. In theory. Passing a …
avril 2017

From Visualforce to Lightning Development

Or how to transition from back-end to front-end development In 2015, Salesforce unveiled #Lightning Experience, a whole new UI for the Platform. Not only was it a visual change, …
mars 2017
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