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Jour 22 : Salesforce Release Notes Spring’23 – Top 5 des nouvelles fonctionnalités Admin !

Les Salesforce Release Notes de la Spring 23 ont été publiées hier mercredi 21 décembre ! Voici 5 nouveautés qui ont retenu mon attention et que j’ai pu tester …
décembre 2022
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Day 22 : Salesforce new « Migrate To Flow tool » in Spring 22

As most of you already know, the workflow rules and process builders are planned to be retired in 2023 (no precise date defined so far).  You can read all …
décembre 2021

Day 21 : Spring21 top 3 new Lightning Flow Builder features #TexeiAdventCalendar

After Lucile Bougeret-Incardona article in #TexeiAdventCalendar yesterday, and as Spring21 release note is expected very soon (today 🤗), let’s focus on the top 3 features of Lightning Flow Builder …
décembre 2020
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Day 19 : New Undo Link on the Delete Record Toast #TexeiAdventCalendar

Each day we will reveal our “tip of the day” regarding the #Winter20 release What’s new ? You might have not noticed it but now, when you delete a record …
décembre 2019

Day 4: Configure Einstein enhanced instant search results layout by Profiles #TexeiAdventCalendar

What’s new ? Einstein Search is one of the great feature in the #Winter20 release. First of all, it gives an instant access to previews, actions, links, and suggested searches …
décembre 2019
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“In-App Guidance” Salesforce Summer ’19 Release : a new Lightning transition and onboarding tool

I have dreamt of that tool during my previous Lightning migrations, when introducing new features or onboarding new users … Once again Salesforce did it (Beta feature) and provides in …
avril 2019
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