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Save some SOQL queries with the Spring ’21 new Custom Metadata Static Methods

EDIT: Despite the exciting title, I stand corrected: Even when Custom Metadata records are retrieved with SOQL Queries, these are not included in the governor limit as documented here: …
avril 2021
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Three levels of apex testing

Salesforce gives some powerful tools to test an org’s apex code, which comes with a great responsibility: get to at least 75% coverage for all apex classes. This forces …
février 2021

Safe Navigation Operator (Winter 21)

Bonjour à tous, Aujourd’hui on va parler d’une des nouveautés de Winter 21 release , the Safe Navigation Operator. C’est vraiment très utile pour les développeurs Salesforce afin de coder …
janvier 2021
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Day 18: Send Custom Notifications from Apex in Winter 21′ #TexeiAdventCalendar

Hello everyone, hope you’re having a blast with our #TexeiAdventCalendar articles. This article follows the one written by Maher Ajamane a few days ago about custom notifications, to present …
décembre 2020
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