Studio projects

Our goal? To address your integration and solution design needs and ensure your autonomy at the end of the project!

What are the characteristics of a Studio project?

A dedicated team

We provide a team of passionate and experienced Salesforce consultants, tailored to your specific needs.

  • Project Manager,
  • Technical Architect,
  • Proxy Product Owner,
  • Developer,

"Standard first" approach

We prioritize the “Standard first” approach to leverage the native functionalities of the Salesforce platform and avoid potential regressions.

Scratch orgs

Tailored development

If necessary, we can resort to custom development following best practices.

We can also offer to work with some of our partners who will be able to meet your expectations, without losing sight of your priorities and your satisfaction!

A long-term vision

What happens at the end of the project? We discuss your perspectives together.

  • Do you have a team capable of maintaining your CRM? You are ready to take over.
  • Are you facing difficulties in recruitment? Texeï can provide you with consultants who will join your team and work to maintain your solution.

Why entrust your Studio project to Texeï?

Our added value?

Studio Projects: What you need to know!

At Texeï,


Interested in our Studio projects and our working method? Join the Texeï teams!

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