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Day 2: Dynamic Interactions is now Generally Available, your first 2021 Christmas gift ! #TexeiAdventCalendar

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décembre 2, 2021


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Earlier this year, Salesforce launched Dynamic Interactions, a great new feature that empowers all Salesforce Admins out there. With just Point & Click, you’ll be able to wire components together right from App Builder, no need to ask a developer to do it for you. Previously an additional development would have been required, either via Lightning Message Service or the pubsub module, or via another custom component embedding the ones that need to communicate with each other.

I’m very excited about this new feature, and wrote/talk about it several times this year. Let’s recap.

First, I had the opportunity to share my first thoughts on the Salesforce blog post unveiling Dynamic Interactions:

Also, we were lucky enough at Texeï to be part of the Dynamic Interactions Pilot, and to talk about it in a interview on Salesforce blog:

This year, CzechDreamin was virtual, but still very fun ! All speakers did a rapid-style talk, 7 minutes to present their subject. Mine of course was about Dynamic Interactions, that has just been announced at this time. You can have a look to all sessions on CzechDreamin’s website, and mine just below:

Last but not least, I was invited to write about Dynamic Interactions on Salesforce Ben. You can read the blog post to do a hands-on tutorial, to implement this new feature yourself:

Hope this is will convince you to try Dynamic Interactions as soon as possible !

Join us tomorrow for more fun with Texeï’s Advent Calendar 🎁