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Day 22 : Salesforce new « Migrate To Flow tool » in Spring 22

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Yann Perramant


décembre 22, 2021


As most of you already know, the workflow rules and process builders are planned to be retired in 2023 (no precise date defined so far). 

You can read all the details in that admin blog post from Salesforce.

In my prerelease org (you can create one here), I had the opportunity to test the new tool to migrate workflow rules into Flows. The feature is Beta, but it looks like it’s already working as a charm. Ok we need to test very complicated workflow rules as well, but I am sure Salesforce will correct issues rapidly if there are any …

The tool is very simple to use. In setup, there is a new menu in Process Automation named “Migrate to Flow (Beta)”, and it gives you the list of all workflow rules to migrate :

Select the rule you want to migrate and click “Migrate to Flow”. The migration is launched and then the following screen is displayed :

You then have the possibility to deactivate the workflow rule and activate the flow in one click (switch activations), as well as accessing the flow and test it in one click (Test in flow builder).

Easy peasy :)

The same tool for Process Builders will be delivered in Summer 22.

To be continued ……..

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