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Unlocked Packages: Podcast, jump start video and more

 2 minutes de lecture


juin 29, 2019


A few months back, I had the opportunity to talk to Xi Xiao who is running the Salesforce Way website, a Podcast and a YouTube channel.

The result of this talk is a 40mn podcast where Xi Xiao asked me several questions about Unlocked Packages, how these are working, how we’re using them, plus some more advanced topics.

If you never tried Unlocked Packages this podcast can be a good starter as Xi Xiao really covered the questions you may have before starting using it.

You can find the episode we made together on his website and on iTunes:

I like podcasts as it’s easy to listen on the go and usually a good way to learn new stuff, so I definitely recommend having a look at the one from Xi Xiao.

He also recently had some great guests like Shinichi Tomita to talk about JSForce, or Philippe Ozil on Lightning Web Components.

Coming back to Unlocked Packages, I would like to share a few more links.
 Xi Xiao also created a great jump start video, perfect to see how to create your first package in a few minutes:

I’ve also already published a few blog posts on how we’re using Unlocked Packages:

Finally, even though you all know it, Trailhead also have some great modules to start learning Unlocked Packages :)

Feel free to ask any questions, or reach out to me on Twitter.