Core qualities of a Business Analyst?


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Business Analyst

A common definition we are used to hear is that being a Business Analyst means to have a combination of both hard skills and soft skills.

What does a Business Analyst do? 

This is the question that crosses the minds of many people. You might have heard the term ‘Business Analyst ’ and wondered what it all meant. 

The Business Analyst profession is not easy to define, but I’ll try to give you a functional definition here, so you can get a better understanding of what you’re actually talking about when you hear the words “Business Analyst “.

“A Business Analyst is a professional who works with people from various departments to ensure that the implementation of a business solution meets the business objectives and requirements. He also ensures that the project management team has all the information and support it needs to deliver a successful project.”

This is an extract from Wikipedia definition of a Business Analyst profession. (Link: Wikipedia def)

But what I want to share in this article is only my understanding based on my personal experience.  

I love this job because it’s so much more than a job title.  

It is a way of thinking, a way of working and a way of living! 

Let’s explain these words by sharing with you four essential qualities a Business Analyst should have. 

Just have in mind that this is my personal vision…



 4 Essential qualities a Business Analyst  should have

  • Attention to detail 

First point, I think being a BA  demands a lot of attention to details. You have to be curious and to understand the project requirement deeply in order to make useful and efficient recommendations to partners. 

  • A good memory

In my personal experience sometimes I just take a time and say : Dear Business Analyst , you are awesome ! You are the best at what you do. You are smart and talented. But maybe, just maybe, if you could remember a few things, your life would be easier… 

I always knew that memory was an important skill for a BA . We need to remember all the facts and figures we observe, the people we meet, the clients we talk to etc. Having a good memory will definitely help any Business Analyst  on a daily basis. 

  • Sense of responsibility

BA  is a profession with a weighty responsibility : building the future of an organization. 

Your work day-to-day involves a mix of technical and business tasks. To ensure the quality of your work, you must get involved in the design and development of the project. 

Your work requires creativity, curiosity and the ability to build bridges between people.

  • An analytical mind

Do you want to be the best at what you do? 

If you want to be a Business Analyst , you should develop your analytical mind. 


Here are the 5 steps that helped me become better at analyzing: Take it easy, no pressure :

1) Make mistakes 

2) Take a step back 

3) Think about your career path 

4) Ask questions – All is about sharing 

5) Listen and don’t give up.

Just remember being a BA  means being curious about the world around you. 

In other words, You don’t just do your job. 

You live your job. And that’s awesome!

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